At Expeditions Online we live and breathe all things related to expedition cruises and the incredible locations that we are lucky enough to visit. Click here to read our latest Arctic and Antarctica blogs and travel guides to gain an insight into exploring these amazing places.


Expedition news and information from the polar regions and worldwide


Expedition news and information from the polar regions and worldwide

At Expeditions Online we live and breathe all things related to expedition cruises and the incredible locations that we are lucky enough to visit. Following are our latest Arctic and Antarctica blogs and travel guides to gain an insight into exploring these amazing places:

Penguins You Can See in Antarctica

There are 17 species of penguin – however only eight species that most people see in Antarctica and the surrounding islands - at least when departing from…

05 Feb 2020

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5 Reasons We Love Antarctica in November and December!

Arguably the early Antarctic summer is the very best time to visit, with great weather, amazing pristine scenery, active wildlife and the lower prices!

11 Oct 2019

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Camping Out in the Antarctic!

If you’re looking for an experience that truly breaks the mould of traditional cruise line activities then we’d like to introduce you to one of our …

07 Feb 2019

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Ship Profile: RCGS Resolute

Expeditions Online introduces this series of ship profiles, with some extra information and personal views about some of the best vessels in small ship expediti…

07 Feb 2019

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Sea Spirit New Season and Discount Offers

New dates and prices for the MV Sea Spirit polar cruises now for the 2020 Arctic and 2020/21 Antarctic seasons. Book before 31 July 2019 and save 10% on Triple,…

01 Feb 2019

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December Round-up

December update from Expeditions Online: The Arctic, Antarctica and a special voyage to the Brazilian Amazon!

17 Dec 2018

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A Typical Day in Antarctica

What is it like during a typical day on an Antarctica cruise? Well no two days are alike, however here is a pretty good example of an 'average' day on…

28 Nov 2018

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Antarctic ICE Swimming Success!

In a world-first event for international Ice Swimming and Antarctica tourism, 14 swimmers have successfully braved zero-degree Antarctic waters in nothing more …

27 Nov 2018

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Best Time of Year to Visit Antarctica and South Georgia

Visiting Antarctica and South Georgia means a significant purchase since these are large and comprehensive expeditions - a real a trip of a lifetime!

24 Oct 2017

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The life of Sir Robert Falcon Scott

The life of Sir Robert Falcon Scott was one of adventure and drama. So much so that Robert Falcon Scott Antarctic Explorer became known as simply ‘Scott o…

28 Sep 2017

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Top Ten Animals You Can See in Antarctica

There is plenty of animal life in Antarctica. It is a continent of extreme conditions but a range of well-adapted animals thrive here at various times of the ye…

17 Sep 2017

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New Trips to See Emperor Penguins

We are thrilled to advise that the legendary icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov will return to Antarctica again in October/November 2018… with four new expedi…

06 Sep 2017

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Top Ten Reasons To Go On A Polar Expedition

A polar expedition is arguably the ultimate in adventure travel.

15 Feb 2017

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Ushuaia - The Gateway of Antarctica

Ushuaia, Argentina is located on Tierra del Fuego island – at the southernmost tip of South America. Sometimes called ‘the end of the world’, …

16 Sep 2016

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Shackleton – The Greatest Ever Explorer?

The Anglo-Irish explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton was one of the leading men of what’s known as the ‘Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration' and is …

06 Jun 2016

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Where to see King Penguins in the wild

Penguin watching is immense fun! Found only in the southern hemisphere, penguins are flightless birds that are full of character – and colourful too,…

03 Jun 2016

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Volume of ice in Antarctica measured

A detailed analysis of data compiled during 50 years of exploration shows the White Continent to contain about 26-and-a-half-million cubic km.

01 May 2014

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15 Fascinating Facts on Humpback and Minke Whales

Discover how these magnificent animals behave in the icy waters of Antarctica!

28 Jan 2014

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Shokalskiy Breaks Free from Antarctic Ice

After more than two weeks stuck fast, the M/V Akademik Shokalskiy has managed to break free from the Antarctic pack ice and is heading north into open…

08 Jan 2014

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Akademik Shokalskiy Rescue Airlift Success

A five-hour operation yesterday successfully airlifted 52 passengers and scientists from the ice-trapped Akademik Shokalskiy, which had been beset by ice s…

03 Jan 2014

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M/V Akademik Shokalskiy stuck in ice

The expedition ship Akademik Shokalskiy, carrying tourists and scientists aiming to repeat experiments made during Douglas Mawson’s expedition, has become …

25 Dec 2013

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Near Record Sea Ice in Antarctica (again)

The sea ice extent in Antarctica attained a near-record high level of 18.7 million square kilometres in mid-August this year, according to studies by the USA Na…

28 Aug 2013

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Antarctica's 'Blood Falls' contain a Unique Ecosystem

This five-story, blood-red waterfall pours very slowly out of the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys.

04 Jul 2013

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New 'Under the Ice' Map of Antarctica

NASA has recently released a video showing the results of a study assembled by the British Antarctic Survey - Bedmap2 - which provides the most accurate look ev…

11 Jun 2013

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Earliest Satellite Maps of Polar Sea-ice

BBC Science News reports that the earliest ever satellite maps of Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice have been assembled by scientists. They were compiled with data f…

25 Apr 2013

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Antarctica summer ice melt greatest for 1000 years

At a time when those of us in more northerly latitudes are longing for the spring thaw, it is sobering to learn that summer ice melt in the Antarctic Peninsula …

16 Apr 2013

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Classic South Georgia Expedition

Here is a wonderful chance to spend 4 full days in the world's most renowned sub-Antarctic island: fabulous South Georgia.

15 Apr 2013

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Remnants of massive iceberg still floating 13 years later

A remnant piece of the mighty B-15 iceberg has been captured by NASA satellite — 13 years since it calved off Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf.

11 Apr 2013

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Antarctica Sea Ice Expansion - an explanation (or two?)

Global warming might actually be expanding Antarctica's sea ice levels, according to a Dutch study released by Nature Geoscience.

03 Apr 2013

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