February Svalbard Update - Polar Bear Dreaming

By ExpeditionsOnline / 20 February 2019

February Svalbard Update - Polar Bear Dreaming

This month we are pleased to bring you a selection of far-northern expeditions in Svalbard, focussing on some new voyages with great chances for you to encounter polar bears in the wild.

Polar Bear Dreaming...

Fancy yourself visiting the High Arctic? Imagine the thrill of your first sighting of a bear out on the sea ice, sometime curiously approaching the bow of the ship! Svalbard's large population of polar bears are of course one of its major attractions, however not to forget astonishing birdlife, enigmatic walrus and many other marine mammals.

Each of the following expeditions will offer you brilliant Arctic experiences and photo opportunities. It is a chance to reconnect with some of the wildest natural places, which are closer than you might think. An easy flight from mainland Norway, Svalbard offers some of the finest scenery and wildlife experiences in the world. Take advantage of some of the special offers we have with both discounts and/or flight packages from Oslo. Topping off the list of trips below are some expeditions in the Russian Arctic, including new voyages to the North Pole and icebreaker adventures to incredible Wrangel Island. 

Why not join us in the Far North?  Following are some wonderful expedition cruise options:

walrus_Erwin_Vermeulen-oceanwide_expeditions_2012_79.jpgAround Spitsbergen and White Island - 12 days

On this extra-long Svalbard expedition in August we will attempt to reach a far North of 82 Degrees as well as explore the remote, ice-bound White Island. Sailing with m/v Hondius, a new, state-of-the-art expedition vessel, Admire the glaciers and mountains of Svalbard, looking out for Arctic wildlife such as whales, seals, walrus and polar bears and myriad of birdlife and spectacular seabird cliff colonies. Reduced prices from $7,450

banner2-polar-bear-paul-goldstein.jpgIntroduction to Spitsbergen - 8 days

This voyage is perfect for the first-time Arctic visitor with the opportunity to experience everything Spitsbergen has to offer, from polar bears and walrus to spectacular scenery. Aboard the luxurious Sea Adventurer, you’ll be treated to daily presentations by your Expedition Team onboard the ship and daily wildlife sightings on land. Hike, explore and enjoy the beauty of the Arctic. Book before 30 April 2019 and Save $1000 on all Standard  twin cabins.  Special offer free flights from Oslo: from $5,795


Spitsbergen In-Depth - 13 days

At the peak of midsummer, the extra days on this 13 day expedition provide ever more chances for you to see Arctic wildlife. The Svalbard archipelago, which we will attempt to circumnavigate, lies entirely within the Arctic Circle. It is rugged, wild and unspoiled, offering one of the world’s best opportunities to view polar bears. Walrus populations love Spitsbergen as well, feeding in the food-rich icy waters around the island. Book before 30 April 2019 and save $1500 on all Standard twin cabins. Special offer free flights from Oslo: from $7,895

Expedition Svalbard Quest - 11 days

Svalbard on a genuinely small ship offers the very best possible experience and flexibility for shore excursions as well as wildlife encounters. The 53 passenger quest allows exploration in great comfort yet closer to the feeling of being on a private yacht. Explore seldom-visited parts of eastern Svalbard such as White Island. Special offer of 10% saving for the 14 August departure. Prices from $7,490


Franz Josef Land: Sea Spirit

Venture on this unique expedition to the remotest and rarely visited Russian High Arctic archipelago – Franz Josef Land. Observe magnificent “moon” landscapes of the islands. Meet polar bears, walruses and arctic birds in the wild. See mysterious stone spheres of Champ Island. Follow in the wake of famous Arctic explorers. Compare two High Arctic archipelagoes – Spitsbergen and Franz Josef Land.  16 day expedition from $9,795

The 'other side' of the Arctic, Russia's remote Wrangel Island

From Russia's Far East we sail north to remote Wrangel Island. Untouched by glaciers during the last ice age, this island is a treasure trove of Arctic biodiversity and is known for the multitude of Polar Bears that breed here and as the world's last bastion for mammoths. The island also boasts the world's largest population of Pacific Walrus. Reindeer, Musk Ox and Snow Geese can also be seen.  15 days from $11,000

North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure - New 2020 Dates!

This bucket list adventure takes you to the top of the world at 90°N. It is a place few have been before and is the pinnacle experience for many travellers. The icebreaker, 50 Years of Victory, can take you to a part of the world more commonly associated with fairy tales and folklore—the North Pole. Few have ever reached 90°N—the ultimate travel goal that has stirred the hearts and minds of explorers and adventurers alike. Departing from Murmansk, Russia, your journey to the extreme north will be just as exciting as standing at the very top of the world. Imagine being aboard the most powerful nuclear icebreaker on the planet as it crushes through thick, multiyear pack ice. Take in even more spectacular sights from a thrilling helicopter tour over the icy Arctic Ocean. Then, swinging by Franz Josef Land on the way home, visit amazing historical sites, always on the lookout for the astonishing wildlife that call this fragile place home. Early Booking Bonus offers available with free flight package ex Helsinki. Save an additional 10% if paid in full by 15 June 2019!


Early Booking Bonus

Introduction to Spitsbergen: Ocean Adventurer

This expedition aboard the luxurious Ocean Adventurer is the perfect introduction to Spitsbergen and the incomparable beauty of the High Arctic

FROM 6495.00
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North Spitsbergen M/V Plancius

Search for polar bears on this 7 night cruise on board the ice-strengthened M/V Plancius exploring the northwestern Arctic wilderness of Spitsbergen

FROM 3790.00
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Early Booking Bonus

Arctic Saga: Fair Isle, Faroes, Svalbard

This 14 day expedition aboard the luxurious Ocean Adventurer visits remote North Atlantic islands up to the Arctic wilderness of Svalbard

FROM 6495.00
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Save 20%

Svalbard Natural Wonders Photocruise

Discover the remote Arctic islands of Svalbard early in the season on a small expedition vessel with just 12 guests onboard

FROM 7890.00
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