The Best Arctic Trips This Year!

By admin / 29 May 2018

The Best Arctic Trips This Year!

When looking for the best Arctic trips, there is nothing in our vast range of Arctic cruises, adventures, and expeditions NOT worth trying, but some of them may be more suited to your needs and expectations.

Here at Expeditions Online, we are often asked which one of our Arctic trips is the best or asked to recommend one of the expeditions over another. There is nothing in our vast range of Arctic cruises, adventures, and expeditions that we don’t think is worth trying, but some of them may be more suited to your needs and expectations. As most of our customers haven’t been on an Arctic trip before and don’t really know what to expect, we’ve decided to make this guide, the best arctic trips this year, to make it easier to research your next big adventure! If this article peaks your interest please check out last months blog on How to Find the Best Arctic Cruise Deals.

A Trip to the Svalbard Archipelago

Given the specialist cruise ships, equipment, planning, and training required to traverse the Arctic conditions and keep everyone safe, Arctic trips are usually a little more expensive than other kinds of expeditions and adventures. However, the Svalbard Archipelago is usually the most affordable part of the High Arctic to visit. The Svalbard Archipelago is a group of islands halfway between Norway and the North Pole. It is part of Norway’s administration, but it isn’t officially part of any of Norway’s counties. 


A trip to Svalbard will give you the chance to see polar bears, seabirds, incredible mountains, and a truly stunning Arctic coastline. Our North Spitsbergen M/V Plancius and Spitsbergen Explorer: M/V Ocean Nova trips are especially popular and are guaranteed to offer the full Arctic package at lower rates than many of the other Arctic expeditions you’re likely to find.

A Trip to the Canadian Arctic

The Canadian Arctic is another Arctic region that is usually a little more affordable than the others. Canada is an incredibly vast country, but most of its population live right on the southern-most area, bordering the USA. The north of Canada has some of the wildest mountains and most extreme Arctic conditions you’re likely to find, providing anyone with some of the most beautiful and exciting Arctic conditions. 

Take a trip through the Canadian Arctic and you’ll visit remote Inuit communities, look for polar bears, sail the famous Northwest Passage, and follow in the footsteps of Norway’s great explorer Roald Amundsen. One option is to travel on board the Akademik Ioffe on our Labrador and Torngat Explorer package, where you’ll explore Canada’s east coast, moving from the more temperate south to the High Arctic north. 


Another great option for people who are especially interested in observing Arctic wildlife is to take our Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge package, which allows you to spend 8 or 10 days in the High Canadian Arctic and it includes visiting an incredible beluga whale observation site!

A Trip to the North Pole

For anyone looking for the ultimate Arctic trip, you should consider the options on our range of North Pole Expeditions. With some of the most extreme weather conditions in the world, traveling to the North Pole is not for the faint-hearted. But we have you covered; we have all of the equipment and trained guides required to ensure you have a rewarding (and safe) expedition to the North Pole. 

One of the highlights for many who take these expeditions is the ship: the 50 Years of Victory. It is the most powerful icebreaking ship in the world and it’s amazing to stand on its deck, breaking through the surface ice. It’s also incredibly novel to travel right to the top of the world and realise that whichever direction you turn, you’re facing south! If you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime, then you should definitely consider one of our North Pole expeditions!


We hope this guide has helped a few readers figure which Arctic trip is best for them. Whether you opt for the Canadian Arctic, Svalbard, or the North Pole, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience, but it’s always best to do a little research before booking your next expedition! If you have any questions about our range of cruises and expeditions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Plan your next big adventure today!


Following are some featured Arctic expeditions for this year:


Early Booking Bonus

Introduction to Spitsbergen: Ocean Adventurer

This expedition aboard the luxurious Ocean Adventurer is the perfect introduction to Spitsbergen and the incomparable beauty of the High Arctic

FROM 6495.00
Find Out More

North Spitsbergen M/V Plancius

Search for polar bears on this 7 night cruise on board the ice-strengthened M/V Plancius exploring the northwestern Arctic wilderness of Spitsbergen

FROM 3790.00
Find Out More

Special Offers

Arctic Odyssey: Remote Russian Archipelagos

Like a true Arctic explorer, you’ll discover breathtaking ice-draped coastlines that are rarely visited by even the most intrepid adventurers

FROM 14995.00
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Early Booking Bonus

Arctic Saga: Fair Isle, Faroes, Svalbard

This 14 day expedition aboard the luxurious Ocean Adventurer visits remote North Atlantic islands up to the Arctic wilderness of Svalbard

FROM 6495.00
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Save up to 25%

Russian Arctic: Franz Josef Land & Novaya Zemlya

Voyaging to two of the most isolated, icy archipelagoes in the Russian High Arctic on board the luxury Ocean Adventurer

FROM 10495.00
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